MNC has been established as the leading business networking club for family-led business owners in the UK for the past decade. Ordinarily hosting regular monthly face-to-face members meetings throughout the South Eastern UK.

As an established professional business networking organisation, we are absolutely committed to helping the small business community to maintain and build their businesses at this uncertain time.  

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has created instant hardship & business uncertainty for small business and family entrepreneurs who do not fit the criteria for any of the financial packages currently in place.


We now want to extend our support to all UK family-led and small businesses so they may continue to contribute to their family income and avoid economic hardship.  

MNC is recognised by its members as the friendliest, most inclusive and supportive as well as a cost-effective method of networking for their businesses - come along to an initial free meeting to find out for yourself!


We already have over 120 MNC UK Members throughout the UK ready to meet you and hear about your business.

All our MNC UK Virtual Meetings are professionally facilitated by members of the MNC Management Team.  Every attendee has their chance to pitch to the meeting and the use of virtual break-out rooms provides the opportunity for more in-depth discussion and organising of one to one follow-up meetings between members.

If you are new to networking - do not be afraid - an MNC Manager will be there to virtually hold your hand and prepare for your first one.

Membership Options

Join MNC UK for all your online meetings and membership resources for an entire year. Optionally, also sign up for a regular membership to access all face to face meetings and social media groups. You can upgrade your membership at any time after signing up to MNC UK - just speak to an MNC Manager - they are very easy to find!

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